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Lake Superior Tree Farms & Nursery grows healthy evergreen seedlings and transplants in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Our nursery location was chosen for its fine sandy loam soil, which produces seedlings with more fibrous roots than the industry norm, improving survival, growth rate, and health.

Also, being located in the Keweenaw Peninsula we are surrounded by Lake Superior. This area is considered the banana belt, which keeps our trees frost-free during the growing season, and gives us plenty of lake effect snow. This provides the covering and insulation needed during the winter to protect against winter burn and ground frost.

Our seedlings are started by carefully selecting seed from parent trees, which are chosen for their health, color, growth rate, and disease resistance for landscape and Christmas trees. We also select seed for native restoration projects and soil conservation districts.

Seedlings are grown for 2-3 years then dug for shipment and transplanting. Transplants are lined up in 3 rows instead of the common 6 row method used by other nurseries. This wider spacing allows transplants to grow more roots and branches, creating a much better product.

Remember - the longer bare root nursery stock is out of the ground, the more its survival and health are affected. Cold storage can help, but it still affects your plants over time. We typically ship within 1 week of digging, supplying the freshest bare root transplants available.